Love Yourself or Nobody Will

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Love Yourself or Nobody Will

Why should they?

If I can’t love myself

How can I expect anyone else to love me?

I guess I’m not a very nice guy

People must think so!

Because nobody seems to want to be around me

Why should they? I don’t like being around me

All I do is complain

And people don’t like complainers

I must be telling the world

“Keep away from me”

I don’t like you

And you sure don’t seem to like me

I guess I’m not a very friendly guy

Stay away!

If I don’t accept me

How can you?

“Love your neighbor as yourself

Maybe that means

You can’t love someone else unless you love yourself

You’re telling people to keep away

I don’t care about myself, so don’t you try to care for me

So what do I do?

Maybe I have to change me


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