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Consider this: What if the medical industry informed you today that there was a vaccine, a shot you could get, that prevents cancer? Would you get it? How much would you be willing to pay … a thousand dollars … what about ten thousand dollars? You can’t really put a price tag on your life! What’s the cure? What is the solution to the madness, this cancer epidemic? Cancer is rarely contagious or inherited, yet more than 80 percent of the foods we consume cause cancer. How? What is the solution? Don’t eat cancer. Don’t drink it. Don’t put it on your skin. There are over 70,000 chemicals approved by the FDA for consumption. You need a plan:

Cancer attacks every other man in U.S., and every third woman. There is a 50% survival rate. You need a plan!

It’s 2014, and you can’t sit around playing a guessing game with what you eat, drink, and put on your skin. You need to know what chemicals the FDA is allowing in your food, what the latest names for them are, and how they can affect your immune system and your vitality. Make informed decisions. There is a cumulative effect from consuming “just a little bit” of toxins every day. There are over 70,000 chemical agents allowed in our food supply which cause your cells to mutate, divide and multiply. You don’t have to be a victim! Get the inside scoop now.

Here’s What You Get

This is the easiest read available for understanding what cancer is, where it comes from, and how to impede its development. This user friendly guide reveals chemicals in products many people haven’t even considered. The Author has delivered his message in layman’s terms and breaks down all the scientific terminology that makes other books about this silent killer nearly impossible to comprehend.

Utilizing a Journalism Degree and a Master’s Degree in Education, the Author delivers a ton of information in a basic manner, and the illustrations on every page convey the messages clearly. Once you start reading, you may not set it down until you’re done. Downloadable in PDF format, this full color book is the best cancer prevention guide available.

Guards at the Gates

The body is the temple of the soul. So why then don’t we have guards at the gates? Only knowledge and self-discipline can preserve your temple, and keep out the greatest killer of all time. Everybody talks about, �eating healthy�, and that’s good, but the focus of this book is on not eating chemicals. We eat them every day; it’s true � even nutritionists will gain some insight from this book. Join the evolution of healthy souls!


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