Avoiding Disease “Shedders” – – Popular pharmaceutical “Stelara” warns you to stay away from recently vaccinated people – Don’t you wonder why?

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bad pill

Stelara drug manufacturers warn users to avoid people recently vaccinated for POLIO or INFLUENZA because the chemical-made pharmaceutical can compromise your immunity and people who have been recently vaccinated against disease (carry and can) “shed” that live virus that is inside of them to the Stelara drug taker during the first few weeks following their vaccination. This is not some simple side effect or rare case either. This is very serious. Consider the implications. Keep reading.

Even if you rarely ever watch television, you’ve seen or heard some of the idiot-brewing commercials by Big Pharma drugs that seem to address every problem in the world, but create every other problem with crazy side effects. You could be in your kitchen and still hear the insane list of side effects during the Stelara commercial recently aired on major network televisions across the land. Commercials are louder so you can hear them from afar…

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