Walmart sells nearly everything GMO and processed, manufactured by corporate America

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walmart tank (2)

Coincidence? I think not. Of the five US states that closed Walmart stores for six months (with just a few hours notice to employees), four of them happen to be “hostile” states where the military will begin casual undercover drills called Jade Helm-15 in July. Will the military need mass supplies for this endeavor and an “outlet” in which to store them, or will something BIG take place that requires FEMA to act like they’re helping by setting up emergency supply centers at Walmart? Does Walmart support this (fake) war on terror, where the police state America takes shape for the big economic collapse?

Nobody knows the answer to that one, and you certainly won’t find out by calling the Walmart CEOs or the White House. Still, the intelligent observer who reads alternative (real) news can add two plus two, and whenever the US government, or police or FBI practice…

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