What is YOUR 5-POINT PLAN for your senior years? – (meaning past 50 years young)

Defy Aging with Melacinn's Fountain of Youth

seniors chill out

There are 5 CONSIDERATIONS for you to have a happy, HEALTHY, safe and wealthy life past 50. Cross check your knowledge and outline against these:

  1. Have a plan! Don’t go wildly into that “retirement life” and think everybody, including the government and some healthcare plan are going to be your safety net. Be your own safety net. Gather valuable resources now, like websites you can trust for natural remedies and organic food.


  1. Know the difference between QUALITY supplements and DEAD ONES! The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and even protein supplements, say for vegans or vegetarians MUST be quality and organic. The kind for sale in major grocery stores and big name pharmacies are usually dead (useless) and even contain toxins listed as “other ingredients” like talc, mineral oil, and food dyes. If you’re taking “One-a-Day” “Centrum” or “Equate” then you’re doing it all wrong. Find quality supplements…

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