How in the world do vegans and vegetarians get enough protein? Oh!

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According to Natural Health Perspective, nobody absorbs 100% of all nutrients consumed, due to bioavailability issues. Foods, and supplements, are never completely digested to the point of releasing all of their nutrient and toxin content to the human body. The mere fact that everyone should have several bowel movements a day indicates that our bodies do not utilize much of what we eat.

Trying to calculate quantitatively how much of each known nutrient you are getting out of your diet is both a waste of time and impossible to do. It is recommended that you do not try to quantify your intake of specific micronutrients from your diet.

Highlights of Bioavailability of Nutrients – The Nutrition of Micronutrients:

  • Good nutrition from eating a healthy diet is the foundation of the biomedical model of natural health.
  • Any change in your diet, however small, that improves your natural health is a…

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