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Love Yourself or Nobody Will

The Self Esteem Blog

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Love Yourself or Nobody Will

Why should they?

If I can’t love myself

How can I expect anyone else to love me?

I guess I’m not a very nice guy

People must think so!

Because nobody seems to want to be around me

Why should they? I don’t like being around me

All I do is complain

And people don’t like complainers

I must be telling the world

“Keep away from me”

I don’t like you

And you sure don’t seem to like me

I guess I’m not a very friendly guy

Stay away!

If I don’t accept me

How can you?

“Love your neighbor as yourself

Maybe that means

You can’t love someone else unless you love yourself

You’re telling people to keep away

I don’t care about myself, so don’t you try to care for me

So what do I do?

Maybe I have to change me


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TWENTY MILLION people in the USA take beta-blockers that suppress melatonin production, aging them “faster” than ever before!

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The Good News is that there is prevention …



It’s time you “Dial Up” ideal health and take care of yourself, no matter your age!

Melacinn is a combination of Melatonin supplement and Chinese Herbal Cinnamon – You’re best Anti-Aging Superfood source is available as a combined supplement!

Did you know … over 20 MILLION people in the USA take beta-blockers that suppress melatonin production, adding to their risk cholesterol imbalances, weight gain, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and an earlier grave, to put it lightly.

What are the doctors thinking that prescribe Beta Blockers? Do they know?

So a person has cardiovascular issues, or anxiety and hypertension – should you go and ruin their good night’s sleep, what they really NEED MOST to heal and stay “young” for life? A “side effect” of beta-blockers is trouble sleeping. Go figure! That SUPPRESSES melatonin production at night.

Melatonin improves blood lipid profile. Do the MDs know this?

Melatonin improves sleep in hypertensive patients. Do the MDs know this?

Melatonin increases the “good” cholesterol. Do the MDs know this?

Just last year, Spanish scientists discovered that melatonin consumption helps burn calories instead of “storing them.” It’s found in small quantities in some fruits and vegetables, and in sunflower seeds and Goji berries.

Also, cinnamon helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at Tel Aviv University. An extract found in cinnamon bark called CEppt holds promise for inhibiting the development of neurodegenerative diseases! It also reduces chronic inflammation.

You can now buy the supplement that has combined melatonin with its very own catalyst – Chinese herbal cinnamon!

MelaCinn aims to fight aging on multiple fronts. MelaCinn will replace the lost hormones due to decreased production, allowing your body to do more to maintain itself

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