Horrible crick in my neck just “went away”

Kristine's Phyto Green


So I was bound for this road trip to South Carolina a few weeks back and I had this bad crick in my neck and behind one shoulder (levata scapula I think), and I wasn’t looking forward to driving. When we got to the wedding in SC, the crick was still hanging around. Then I put a patch on of phytoplankton, well, it was actually half of a patch, and by the time we drove home the next day, the crick was gone. Now surely it could’ve worked itself out, but driving for 3 or 4 hours usually makes things worse, as it did on the way, so I can’t just say that and believe it. This week, I feel wonderful. I have also been adding in my chlorella into smoothies, which contains maybe 1/10 of the minerals that the marine phyto provides. I am starting to think that most…

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