Marijuana is more than a drug – it can help cure cancer!


According to Natural News, recently, through some breakthrough research, studies have shown that the substance cannabidiol (CBD), found in marijuana, has the potential to be a game changer in the fight against cancer.

In Seattle, medical marijuana is primarily prescribed to help terminally ill patients and those receiving painful medical treatments to help deal with the pain. It is also prescribed for people with high levels of anxiety or severe depression. But new research being done has shown more than just pain-relieving or mood-enhancing effects; it could help to treat and — even better — reverse cancer.

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Studies were recently completed by the California Pacific Medical Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. The compound CBD was tested on animals with cancer as an alternative treatment. They found there was a disruption in the growth of tumor cells. CBD is a natural defense mechanism in the cannabis plant. In fact, CBD makes up about 40 percent of the cannabis plant matter. CBD is considered non-psychoactive, whereas THC is psychoactive. Basically, CBD doesn’t give you the “high feelings” associated with THC, but it is showing promise in stopping or even reversing the effects of cancer on the body.

By manipulating the breeding of the plants to achieve high contents of CBD and low content of THC, this could give a very low psychoactive response yet provide all the cancer-fighting benefits of the CBD.

This breakthrough discovery is on the verge of being tested on humans with both brain cancer and breast cancer. If this works, marijuana could be the single biggest breakthrough treatment we’ve seen for cancer — perhaps ever!

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