Child and Family Day – reflecting on “Healthy Living” blog by Dr. Tony

Greenfest Table

So far, in just four months, Dr. Tony has changed my life


I reflect on his writing and apply it to my days, instantly


I know his experience is vast and authentic, and his language is straight from the heart


On child and family day, I feel whole, as I do the other six days of the week, but this is different. The way Dr. Tony words his words and orders his thoughts to the surface is amazing. I connect with my own mind and how I feel about my wonderful girlfriend and her beautiful, smart and caring children. I think about child and family day as a day they are all in my thoughts all day, like the other six days of the week, but this is even more special. It doesn’t even matter if I see them for one hour, five or fifteen, they are a WHOLE part of my life. Child and family day – Tony – I get it. Thanks.


In just four months of reading Dr. Tony’s blogs I feel like I’ve read a thousand. I see why so many people are reading his posts, because the context of poetry with their own lives is so easy and exciting to make.