Visit “Don’t Eat Cancer” booth at the Green Festival in Washington, DC – May 31st, June 1st


Contributing writer for Natural News and author of “Don’t Eat Cancer” and “14&OUT – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days” will have a booth this year at the Green Festival in Washington, DC!


Come visit the “Don’t Eat Cancer” booth on Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center just 8 blocks away from the White House and the Capital.


See you at the 10th annual Green Festival

where there’s something for everyone interested in living a more sustainable and healthier life!

The Don’t Eat Cancer platform exhibit will have books on sale and free postcards for visitors who want to know more about filtering 100’s of chemicals from their foods, drinks, cosmetics, personal care items, cigarettes and more!


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Spirituality and Nutrition – they go hand in hand

giving tree

I tried in college to tap into the spirit – reading lots of Zen poetry, about the yin and the yang, about Buddha and monks, about people who live on high mountains and about my ancestors, and why they fought so hard to escape Europe and the Nazi’s to get here, so I could exist, and find meaning in life. My jobs were dead end at first, out of college that is, as the George Bush Senior recession was kicking in, so I found no spirituality with my 9 to 5 job, five days a week. That just drove me to want more meaning and creativity in my life, so I up’d and went back to college to get a master’s degree – in education. I figured this would help me teach myself if I had to teach others all day, especially middle grades kids who are just finding identity and looking for the best role models. I would be that, and I would practice what I “preached.” It worked. While studying strategies of HOW to learn and HOW to teach what I learned, and how to teach that in several ways, patiently, I learned about patience, virtue, ethics, morals, and down right authenticity. Man, did I learn about authenticity. After teaching, I became a writer and a “self-manager” who could micromanage the fundamentals of teaching and learning so I could help smokers stop smoking, help junk food addicts change their eating behaviors to healthy ones, and help prevent cancer for thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands. I don’t make much money doing it, but it’s what I LOVE doing, so my spirit is 100% involved and fueling every thing I do now.


How do I start my day? I drink spring water mixed with organic sprouts (supplement form) and I make a smoothie to take with me to “work” – which is the coffee shop with wifi connections.


My laptop computer, my superfood smoothie, a couple cups of coffee and my spirit all have a meeting each morning, to talk about the past, the present and the future of sustainability, organic living, and organic sharing. This is what I do. I blog. I run websites and blog sites for myself, my platform, for doctors and counselors, and I write about Natural Health News.


I remember the poetry I read in college, 20 years ago and 25 years ago, and I tell people about it. I have memorized little anecdotes and montras. I hold them dear to my heart. I don’t stress. I take organic supplements and make organic salads and sandwiches with sprouted bread. I juice vegetables, drink the juice and use the pulp over quinoa or basmati rice. I don’t believe a thing I hear on TV or that my relatives tell me they read in the newspaper, because that is all scripted to fit some big pharma or politician’s agenda, or both. I am an anti anti-conspiracy theorist. I think people who don’t believe there are evil people and motives in this world are naïve and setting themselves up for failure. You HAVE to have a guide, and role models, and hero’s (real ones not Disney). You have to respect everybody, even if you don’t like them or need them. You have to respect yourself first. You get what you go in for and what you put in. That’s spirituality to me. Give, give, give and hope you’re rewarded for it. Don’t expect a pat on the back every time you do something nice for someone, or something, or to help the environment or your community. Do it because you love to and it nurtures your spirit. The money will come. The recognition will come. Pour your spirit into anything and everyone stops to watch. Have you ever seen the Home Improvement show when they fix up a family’s home and the family returns from their week vacation (paid for by the show) and see their beautiful new renovated home they could have never afforded? That show reaches out to families in need, desperate for help, desperate to treat their disabled children well, or provide for a mentally challenged brother or sister, or fix up their workplace even to make things feasible and organic! That is spirituality. Watch those people cry when their dreams come true because they are sharing in a spiritual moment that will last for years and years.


That’s why I love Natural News ( Natural News reaches out to people in need and for FREE! They publish info about small family farms that need help, or victims of tornados, hurricanes and super-storms. They send food and natural resources instead of money that gets gobbled up by bureaucrats and organizations set up to pay the CEOs and Presidents way too much. Natural News gives information, superfood, guidance and most of all – Spirituality! Yes, you can “give” spirituality. You want some?


Here you go: In this episode of Awakenings, the Health Ranger reveals the divine inspiration behind his pursuit of truth, health and conscious expansion.


Here’s more:


Mike Adams the Health Ranger shares his vast knowledge of nutrition and spirituality: “The power of intention (i.e. the Law of Attraction) only works when you have a clear, healthy nervous system that’s free from distortion. Invoking the power of intention is a lot like broadcasting a message from a radio tower, and your nervous system organs (brain, spinal cord, nerves, etc.) are the transmission tissues. A radio tower only works well when it has sufficient electricity, clarity and symmetry. It also can’t be gunked up with interfering signals or overriding disturbances. Your own nervous system is the same: For it to function well, it must be free of distortion and operating at peak performance.”


With our thoughts, we make the world!


What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.


Many people who want to be more spiritual have difficulty “engaging” that way because they are hyperactive, or ADD, attention deficit disorder – driven. They can’t concentrate or meditate for extended periods of time, much less block out daily stresses and idiosyncrasies. But that’s not where spirituality begins, lives, or ends anyway. That’s just the surface of it all. That’s just how you perceive your spirit, and trust me on this, most “Westerners” (USA) are deprived of true culture, creativity, spontaneity and core ethics when it comes to sharing. We’re too worried about paying our bills, downloading apps or worried about what’s all over the social media, or the TV “bad news” stations. We’re too caught up in our mundane job or jobs, all the responsibilities of work rules and even being sick during all of this. What can be done? Eat right. That is WHAT can be done. Eating right makes you spiritual. It is a catapult. It’s a catapult to deep thinking and reaching your potential. It’s the key to relaxing during times of stress, and excelling when you desire progress and momentum. It’s the key to waking up and feeling great, from the second you sit up in bed to the moment you lay your head on the pillow again. It’s the secret to restful sleep. Organic food isn’t about what to eat, rather it’s about WHY you eat it. Go, now, feed yourself soul “juice” and nature’s beautiful bounty. Buy only organic food and organic superfoods and supplements, (never GMO) and drink only real spring water and check in on that “spirituality” movement and mission you talk about, think about, and want to propel. Spirituality resonates outwardly, in ever expanding concentric circles, like ripples in a lake when you throw a stone, except the ripples never stop. Go BE that difference you admire in the world, in your heroes and your mentors. Live it.



Eat organic food for spiritual reasons, aside from health!