Heavy metals in cigarettes feed ‘the hook’ – Learn how to get unhooked


What amounts of heavy metals are deposited in your body if you smoke a pack of  cigarettes every day? What if you smoke two packs a day? Heavy metal toxicity  feeds the vicious cycle of needing super-strong nicotine to provide  temporary relief from heavy metal toxic overload, also known as the “aspirin for  the cigarette hangover.” Find out what it means to your body to be smoking the  heavy metals in cigarettes at 250 to 500 inhalations per day. What the heck are  you REALLY smoking? If you really knew, you could quit. It’s time to find out  HOW to quit.
The tip of a cigarette burns at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit  during the inhalation, so what happens when you mix chemicals with heavy metals  at 1,700 degrees? How much cadmium and lead are you smoking, literally? What is  this doing to your body, and what are the “genotoxic” and carcinogenic  properties of the cigarette smoke that you inhale? Finally, do you know what the  inorganic human carcinogenic compounds are, and are they making you less  human?
Cigarette smoke is a complex mixture of chemicals. Cells in the  human body are exposed to this toxic heavy metal combination and incur oxidative  damage on the DNA level. The metal particles are carried in the cigarette smoke  and inflict significant direct DNA damage, whether using “filtered” cigarettes  or not. The result is a genotoxic response of different lung cell types  to concentrations of complex combinations of heavy metals mixed with ammonia,  herbicide and pesticide. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)


How is smoking cigarettes changing your genes  and your gene structure? What are the parts per trillion, billion and  million that are depositing in your lungs and entering your blood stream?  How do heavy metals found in tobacco smoke, such as cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), lead (Pb) and  nickel (Ni), accumulate in tissues and fluids in the body? For how many years do  these carcinogens affect smokers, long after they have quit the habit? Take a  look:
Cadmium: Cadmium causes kidney damage and fragile bones.  Cigarette smoke contains substantial amounts of cadmium. Average Cd levels in  cigarettes range from 1000 to 3000 µg/kg. One pack of cigarettes deposits 2-4 µg  of Cd into the lungs of a smoker. (http://science.naturalnews.com)
Lead: Lead is  a chemical element in the carbon group. An increase in Pb level is associated  with a decrease of your intelligence quotient – you know – your IQ! It’s  also associated with behavioral problems – so just think what it does to  teenagers who smoke a pack a  day or more. Lead deposits can cause serious side effects on the brain, nervous  system and red blood cells. Watch this heavy metal toxicity video report from  the Forensic Foods Lab at Natural News for an in-depth analysis by the  Health Ranger: (http://www.youtube.com).
Nickel  carbonyl: Ni(CO)4 is an extremely toxic gas, and occupational exposure  should not exceed 0.007 mg per cubic meter, so what about secondhand smoke at  home or at work – is that an “occupational” carcinogen? The heavy metal toxins  travel as particles in the smoke. Do you have kids or loved ones inhaling that  at your home? Would you like to see test results for heavy metals in secondhand  smoke? They are coming soon from the Natural News Lab. Fact:  Secondhand smoke kills 42,000 NONSMOKERS a year in the United States. (http://www.cdc.gov)
What happens when you combine  these heavy metals? How is your DNA altered by smoking a pack of cigarettes  every day, and how is your immunity to other sickness compromised? The health  detriment of cigarettes can affect a smoker for a decade or even two decades after quitting  smoking. The true keys to detoxification and healing lie in nutrition and  behavior modification. Statistics show that more than half of smokers in the  world would quit today if they knew how. It’s time to find out how to quit  without medications or the toxic “patch.”


You could return your body to 100% organic and be a  happy, healthy person. You could learn how your body retains heavy metals, how  it expels them and exactly which foods you could eat to “capture” them and pull  them out, and return to ideal health. Imagine how much easier it would be to  STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD if you knew what to do and HOW to do it! It’s not just  about willpower; you need a good guide.
So, how do you stop smoking  naturally in 14 days? How do you get unhooked for good? Learn about  the “metal capturing capacity” of natural foods, herbs and tinctures. Then get prepared for a phenomenal life as a  nonsmoker! The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, hosts the preview/trailer for the all  natural method created by the Stop Smoking Expert at 14&Out.  Get ready, because the reward of good health is that you will never crave  another cigarette as long as you live. (http://premium.naturalnews.tv).
Sources for this  article include:
Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/044267_cigarettes_heavy_metals_smoking_cessation.html#ixzz2vsLA27ZK


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