This is the week you quit smoking!


What if you could look back at a particular day, or say a week, and remember  that it was the weekend you quit that awful habit of inhaling chemicals. What if  you could name the day, the time, even the minute when you learned exactly how  to quit and you did it? Would that not be a moment to remember forever, the  weekend you extended your life by 10 to 20 years?
Pesticide, insecticide,  bleach, ammonia, plastic and glass wool are just a few of the chemicals used to  make commercial cigarettes an efficient nicotine delivery device that has more  than 45,000,000 Americans hooked and suffering. What a waste of money. What a  waste of health! It is said that half of smokers wish they could quit but just  don’t know how. Does someone close to you have to die of cancer to scare you  into quitting?
Could you or WOULD you quit cold turkey if you found out  that YOU had cancer? There is preventive medicine, in the form of food, that can  kill the cravings of cigarettes and nicotine, but very few people in the  universe know what they are. Plus, medical colleges and the overreaching “search  for the cure for cancer” do not educate anyone about nutrition as a cure for  disease, mainly because the FDA and the CDC will not allow any company or  food product to state that they can cure anything, not disease, disorder or  addiction. Yet the commercials on TV for toxic medications claim whatever they  want to, as long as they list or state (subliminally usually) the side  effects.
This is the weekend you are reading about chemical addiction,  behavior modification and nutrition as a blueprint for breaking the chain, the  chain smoker chain. This is the weekend you start a 14-day weaning off of  nicotine and remove 4,000 chemicals from your hourly intake. This is the  weekend your body thanks you sincerely, for doing a 180-degree turn and  about-facing this horrific habit that’s getting the best of you, taking away  your drive, your ambition, your health and your overall happiness.

End the misery, starting right now!

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