Stop smoking and get in shape for spring and summer!


Any smoker can tell you that it is awful to be sitting there smoking a cigarette at the beginning of spring and you see people getting outside and getting in shape, jogging by or playing sports, and you know if you don’t quit smoking, you won’t be doing much of that. You take your stance and tell yourself you could quit, but not right now, because things are “too stressful.” I wonder why they’re that way. Could it be the 4,000 chemicals or is it just the pesticide and nicotine? If you found out there is a highly successful natural method to wean yourself off of commercial cigarettes and onto organic nutrition, would you do it? If you found out you wouldn’t even crave cigarettes again, and you WOULD crave EXERCISE, would you do it? Could you? When? (


<h1>Nicotine addiction ends after just 4 days</h1>Don’t let me spoil all the fun for you, but the cigarette addiction is 10% physical and 90% mental, but what most people don’t know is that the mental part only works if it is “enhanced” and supplemented by organic nutrient-loaded food. Why? Because though the physiological nicotine addiction ends a few days after quitting smoking, the craving to feel “normal” is in full swing, and any stress or emotional imbalance that occurs will draw on the body’s nutrient base, of which most new non-smokers have little to none left. Most willful “cold-turkey” quitters need a guide, not just willpower, in order to survive the first 14 days without lighting up again.


<h1>BEWARE of mass-marketing cessation SCAMS</h1>There is a right way to escape cigarettes, and then there are the mass marketed ways, that lead to other addictions or even more anxiety and wrecked nerves. The best way to stop smoking is to use an all natural method free from medications and nicotine. This means behavior modification and a strong nutrition base! Put it this way; electronic cigarettes were never invented to be a cessation method, so that could just lead to a new kind of long term “nicotine addiction” – maybe even stronger and worse. And the patch, well, for most people, that just leads to more nicotine withdrawal complications. After all, a cigarette contains up to 100mg of nicotine potency, where the patch just releases about 4mg per hour. Medications like <i>Chantix</i> and <i>Zyban</i> often give people horrendous nightmares, and can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. Who needs that? Smokers are already “stressed to the max” from smoking commercial cigarettes, which are loaded with ammonia, bleach, pesticide, herbicide, plastic, formaldehyde, heavy metals and glass wool fibers in the filter.



<h1>February is “American Heart Healthy Month” – so QUIT SMOKING!</h1>Why not be THAT person jogging, playing sports outside or hitting the gym? Why not be THAT person who put down cigarettes for good during the winter and started eating right. Why not be THAT person starting right now, instead of saying “the timing is wrong.” The timing is perfect! You found this. This is the first day of the rest of your life as a non-smoker, if you want it to be. Realize this: Heart disease is the <b>leading cause of death</b> in the U.S. and is responsible for 25% of all deaths, and you value your life, right? Don’t be a statistic. This month of February is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and increasing knowledge about prevention. Educate yourself with the excellent sources in this article. Get back on track! It’s time to eat right and get your heart rate up and sweat a little. Don’t forget to stretch while you’re cooling down after! (


Research from several countries around the world shows that regular exercise, including weight training, can help fend off major heart problems (including attacks) by improving triglyceride counts, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and glucose metabolism. This is how you reduce body fat also. Don’t worry about putting on weight when you quit smoking. It’s time to STOP worrying. (


<h1>Stop Smoking Naturally</h1>Health food stores carry what you need to “get right” and that is organic vitamins, herbs, tinctures, dried organic vegetables, organic fruit, and often hemp seed oil. Many smokers use MUCUNA, a velvet bean supplement, to kill the cravings of nicotine because it naturally boosts dopamine and serotonin, which is exactly what is depleted due to the freebased nicotine in cigarettes. This is what makes the weaning process tolerable, and even makes the new non-smoker feel alive and vibrant.


Eat lots of greens and rotate them, like kale, spinach, chards and organic romaine. This is a key strategy for stopping smoking forever. It’s all about alkalizing with organic fruits and vegetables, and mostly raw! This alkalizes the often acidic body that most ex-smokers still have long after they quit, if they don’t eat right.



This winter, give <i>the gift that keeps on giving forever</i>, and learn how to stop smoking naturally! Stop smoking, get in shape and feel great. <b>14AndOut is the world’s most comprehensive natural method</b> that enables smokers to escape the chains of nicotine and commercial cigarettes without feeling nervous, anxious, or irritated! Check out the “Stop Smoking Expert” revealing the top ten strategies for ending the habit naturally, once and for all. This is recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Food Research Director. Here is the free preview/trailer for the 60 minute streaming video download of <b>14AndOut</b> presented as a one-on-one class:



The <b>14&Out</b> stop smoking expert consults David Wolfe for nutritional advice:



This winter, let <b>14AndOut</b> be your breathe of fresh air! Take control of your body and your life. Quit smoking forever and get in shape for spring and summer! (


<b>Sources for this article include:</b>






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