Stop Smoking starting Valentine’s Day and get in shape for spring and summer!


February 14th may be a symbol for Hallmark cards and chocolate candy in heart-shaped boxes, but this year it begins your road to a heart-healthy life, which begins with quitting cigarettes, not just somebody else’s words written on a folded piece of red and pink stock paper and some GMO-sugar-loaded gooey caramel treats. Imagine giving the gift of being smoke free for your significant other, or your girlfriend or boyfriend! How do you do it? You do it with behavior modification and nutrition. Whole Foods and Trader Joes are great places to start finding nutritious food to help with the weaning off of those 4,000 chemicals. Let’s discuss all of this now:


They say the nicotine addiction really only lasts for 3 to 4 days, so after that, it’s all behavior modification and nutrition, but most willful “cold-turkey” quitters need a guide, not just willpower, in order to survive the first 14 days. The best way to stop smoking is to use an all natural method free from medications and nicotine. Electronic cigarettes were never invented to be a cessation method, and the patch just leads to more nicotine withdrawal complications. The medications like Chantix and Zyban often give people horrendous nightmares, and can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. Who needs that? Smokers are already stressed out from smoking commercial cigarettes, which are loaded with ammonia, bleach, pesticide, herbicide, plastic, formaldehyde, heavy metals and glass wool fibers in the filter.


Health food stores carry organic vitamins, herbs, tinctures, dried organic vegetables, organic fruit, and often hemp seed oil. Many smokers use MUCUNA, a velvet bean supplement, to kill the cravings of nicotine because it naturally boosts dopamine and serotonin, which is exactly what is depleted due to the freebased nicotine in cigarettes. This is what makes the weaning process tolerable, and even makes the new non-smoker feel alive and vibrant. Eating lots of greens and rotating them, like kale, spinach, chards and organic romaine is a key strategy for stopping smoking forever. This alkalizes the often acidic body that ex-smokers still have long after they quit, if they don’t eat right.


This Valentine’s Day, give the gift that keeps on giving forever, and learn how to stop smoking naturally! Stop smoking and get in shape and feel great.

smoke free heart (2)

14AndOut is the world’s most comprehensive natural method for quitting smoking in 14 days or less. The stop smoking expert, also known as the “Stop Smoking King” shares the top ten strategies, in 3 phases, that enable smokers to escape the chains of nicotine and commercial cigarettes without feeling nervous, anxious, or irritated!




Gather up your problems, your enemies, and your fears, and flush them down the toilet. We’re going down to the basement of basics, to break everything down to its simplest form, so you can end the habit and get back to your healthy, happy life.  When it’s 3 a.m. and nobody is awake but you, and you’re looking in the mirror, wondering how everything came to this, you can smile, and realize, this is the first day of the rest of your phenomenal life without cigarettes! So get ready, because you are about to learn THE SECRETS of the manufacturing process that the cigarette companies don’t want you to know. You’re about to learn the behaviors that have locked you into a scam. You are about to understand nutrition and exactly what your body needs to feel great and not crave another cigarette as long as you live. Once you learn 14AndOut, the knowledge can never be taken away. You can’t lend out the information and forget to get it back. It can’t be stolen from you. It’s yours for life.


The world’s most comprehensive natural method – 14AndOut!


Free preview/trailer for 60 minute streaming download of 14AndOut teacher teaching the class and all the strategies to you personally!


14&Out expert consults David Wolfe for Nutritional Advice:


Paperback and e-book (Kindle/Nook) versions are available on


This February 14th, let 14AndOut be your 2014 breathe of fresh air! Take control of your body and your life. Quit smoking forever!





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