Stop Smoking Naturally – New Year Resolution – perfect timing with 14&Out Book Release!



There is no better time of year to quit smoking cigarettes than as the New Year approaches because how great would it be to be a NON-SMOKER when the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Eve?!


There is a man on this planet that used to be a smoker and lost his grandfather to lung cancer. That same man was a school teacher and has a master’s degree in Education. That same man writes for Natural and has exposed Big Tobacco and all their tricks to keep smokers hooked. That same man teaches a class on how to quit smoking and invented a program that is not only available as a downloadable video, but now has been published via PAPERBACK BOOK in full color! The book is “14 & Out – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!” and there are thousands of orders already, available at Barnes & Noble,, Books-A-Million, American Wholesale Books and more.


The “Stop Smoking King” has brought together all the strategies and the inside “track” to quitting the awful habit of smoking and you can do it without worrying about getting “cranky” or having nicotine withdrawal fits (nic-fits). How so, you ask?


By combining chemical knowledge of what cigarettes really do to your body, behavioral modification that trains you how to replace bad habits with good ones and replenish your natural body chemistry, and by utilizing the best nutritional advice regarding vitamins, herbs, minerals, and of course, Superfoods, you have the “yellow brick road” to the “castle” of good health at your fingertips, whether by book or video.


Want to see the free preview/trailer of the instructional, empowerment video?


Just click here and watch:


Want to take a look at the paperback book now released to public via major retailers:
Barnes & Noble:




Koehler Books:


Visit the Main Website for 14AndOut:


The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor of Natural, recommends 14AndOut as the all natural method to stop smoking in 14 days. Nutrition is the secret to remaining a non-smoker for the rest of your life, and nobody knows better than the Health Ranger. Find out how to change your life and avoid cancer by quitting smoking before the New Year hits! You can do it for yourself, or for your family, or your significant other who has begged you to quit. You can do it for your pets, for your environment, for your budget! You can travel now with that money you save! You could get massages every week with that money. You can buy supplements your body craves so much right now. You can join the gym. You could take up a new hobby or sport and you will feel great.


This is it. This is the answer. This is the method you have been waiting for. This is the blessing. You can do this. Pick up the book or download the video to your computer or even a smart phone.


We are celebrating here at 14 & Out headquarters because now the world has access to the paperback book! The cigarette “killer” is on the loose, saving people from cancer and the nicotine nightmare.


You can be free of the addiction, the habit, the vicious cycle. You are better than cigarettes. You do not need artificial control of your emotions. Organic food (fruits and vegetables) are your ticket. Get a juicer or a smoothie blender now. Get out of your rut. Make this the BEST New Year EVER!!


14 & Out welcomes you to the non-smoker family. Make that change. Make that choice. Natural News enthusiasts await your “entrance” to your own healthy life, again!


Thank youS.D. Wells and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural for all of your support! You guys are the best!

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