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If you are searching ANY of these key terms in Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, you are on the right path. You have begun your investigation, which is the best way to find the WAY for YOU to quit, because every person is different, with different goals and dreams.


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“……the best smoking cessation aid on the planet is your own will and determination. If you aren’t motivated and committed to kicking the habit, no quit aid can help you. If you are ready to quit, any of them have the potential to work beautifully.

That said, a variety of products are on the market today that are designed to help people quit smoking gradually. Choosing one that is right for you is essentially a matter of preference, barring any medical concerns you may have. It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor about quit smoking options and discuss what might work best for you before making a decision.”


Ask about quitting smoking

How can I stop smoking, you ask?


Does Wiki have the answers? Does Google? Is there a program out there that really cares about you and your livelihood. Is there a way to be done with smoking in 2 weeks? In 14 days or less you could be done with this habit forever!


Don’t get led down the wrong path. Stay organic. Stay Natural. 14AndOut has no medications, no hypnosis, just chemical knowledge, behavior modification and nutrition.


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I ask you to compare everything else to 14AndOut! Just read what they have to say and you will see 14AndOut helps you quit naturally in 14 days or less. The world is coming to life and realizing the organic way of living is the ONLY way. Feel better all the time.


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What are the best reasons to quit smoking?|166373525|0&skwid=43700000733130057


What happens 24 hours after quitting? Are medications like chantix and zyban scary, with side effects? What should you know about them?


When a human being experiences a stressful or exciting event, natural hormones create neural reactions in the brain’s central processing area called synapses, which involve neurons firing electrical charges that stimulate behavior and mood elevations. By taking Chantix, the smoker is blocking these natural reactions from doing their job, preventing the person from coping with anxiety, depression, and frustration.


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How do you cope with emotional eating disorders? Will you put on weight?


Could you eat “sacred chocolate” and control your weight?

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David Wolfe. Listen to him for free on YouTube:

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How to quit smoking; staying quit; tell a friend? What are the most popular answers to your problems? To your desire? You want this habit over and done with. Let’s dig deeper now:


Mental health


Spiritual Growth

Meditate on positive

Find your Center

Find balance

Find focus


Breathe and breathing patterns that relax you

Nutrition is key

Nutrients are key

Organic fuel and Superfoods

What are superfoods. Find out more about your life as an ex-smoker. It’s on the way. You are doing the right thing. You are smart. You are powerful. Never go back to smoking after this program.!/2013/06/natural-news-health-drive-summer-2013.html


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Guess what, it doesn’t matter. Cigarettes are addictive. You have power. You can quit.


Kick the habit. Some programs work better than others. Some just work! 14AndOut works. I was a smoker. I am an ex-smoker. I teach a class on quitting, but you can get the video on line for $39.00. It includes the nutrition guide so you never go back to smoking, ever!


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(NaturalNews) The truth is that most pack-a-day smokers are hooked and cannot figure out how to quit, mainly because most cessation methods don’t address the true depth of the addiction, and most are just scams that are marketed by “Big Pharma” to damage your health even further and send any “ex-smokers” right back to the well.

Educate yourself:


Get your own “master’s degree” in your own empowerment. This is your life. Take control and make informed decisions. I love smokers because I know I can help you quit. You matter to me. I care about every smoker who wants to quit. This is your life and you have the power in this universe. Examine your vibration between the Sun and Earth. You can change everything.


Positive thinking:


How to quit for good.


Beyond the reward pathway, there is light for you!








Ninety percent of U.S. tobacco is GMO; hey smokers, you’re smoking pesticide!

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Smoke herbicide and pesticide all day and what do you get? You get a recurring  hangover that seemingly needs a new blast of nicotine to quell or “dissipate,”  but in actuality, the only thing the nicotine does is stave off the headache,  the nervousness, the anxiety, the “chemical hangover,” and after 30 to 40  minutes, it kicks in again, that feeling of angst, of unnecessary worry, and you  need another fix. What is the TRUE driving force of the cigarette addiction?  Could it possibly be that the 4,000-plus chemicals, which are comprised of  pesticide and different super strength herbicides, cause a “hangover” which  beckons for relief?
GMO tobacco means that scientists in labs are  injecting or infusing the genes of bacteria from the DNA of other living things  into the seeds of the tobacco plant. GMO tobacco also means that pesticide and  herbicide are inside the tobacco plant, and that farmers who use GM pesticides  are spraying up to TEN TIMES MORE RoundUp and other poisons on the crop,  adding exponentially to the toxicity of the smoker’s nightmare, where these bug  and weed killers are mixed with bacteria in the lungs, the heart and the brain,  compounding the inability of the pack-a-day smoker to ever quit the habit. (
Let’s  examine what is occurring every time someone smokes a genetically modified  cigarette. When the cigarette burns at 1700-degrees Fahrenheit during the  inhale, the pesticide is mixed with ammonia-treated nicotine, and creates a  chemical cocktail for the central nervous system to engage. The vicious cycle  deepens. (

Killing beetles, weeds, worms and humans for profit

The entire  genetically modified (GM) tobacco industry, otherwise known as “Big Tobacco,”  wants the BUD WORMS AND HORN WORMS dead. It’s as simple as that! Their ultimate  goal is making more money using biotech “engineering,” all at the cost of human  health. You see, by digesting bacteria and “biochems,” which destroy the  digestive tracts and the reproductive abilities of insects, worms, beetles and  the like, humans are destroying their same genes. In America, it’s legal to  “slow kill” people, by manufacturing and selling carcinogens, especially when  those consumers “know” there is a risk. But who REALLY knows the risk, because  if you don’t understand GMO,  you have no clue the extent and depth of that risk, hence the junk  science of bad food and tobacco addictions. Long term problems have now become  SHORT TERM health destruction problems. Think about genetically modified corn,  soy, cottonseed, beets and canola as you read the following about tobacco  pests and GM pest fighting chemicals:
The tobacco budworm  (Heliothis virescens): A devastating insect pest of tobacco and cotton,  the budworm is an inch and a half long, pale green in color and has pale  stripes. The female moths lay their eggs in the bud of tobacco plants and the  tiny larvae begin feeding in the unfolded leaflets of the plants, which leaves  the plants ragged looking. Once these caterpillars burrow deep into protective  foliage, insecticide sprays don’t reach them, plus, once the budworm matures, it  becomes resistant to most insecticides anyway. This is why the giant  agricultural biotech firm Monsanto creates genetically modified plants,  my friends, to kill the pests from the inside out. This translates into  irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut syndrome for humans. This is  digestion and lung destruction. This is prostate and bladder cancer. These  mutations are birth defects being generated in food and tobacco. See how quickly  it all adds up? And what do the killers recommend you use for your own garden  pests? They say use more chemicals that cause cancer, like bleach, cascade,  Bayer’s “suspend,” do it yourself pro-grade, “RoundUp,” Royal pest control and  “Miracle Grow.” (  And what is prescribed later for pesticide disease (cancer)? Chemotherapy. Chemo  is just more chemicals for that chemically driven disease.
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